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Who would do such a thing? The same sort of people who have perpetuated some of the top urban legends such as the claim that Mr. Rogers had a former secret career as a trained assassin, and that ATM users can quickly contact police in the event of an attempted robbery by entering their PIN in reverse. The cyberspace is full of lies disguised as inspiration, political alerts, health warnings, and prayers. Many come complete with enhanced photographs. The ones that are especially ironic are those that state, “Even Snopes has confirmed this,” along with a link to Snopes that attributes it as false. People who forward such emails, obviously do not check the link themselves. (source: To Forward or Not to Forward? By Patti Maguire Armstrong

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Forwarded Emails

Sunday, December 27, 2009 Facebook, Twitter Virus: Koobface Strikes Again

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Here is the news: Facebook, Twitter Virus: Koobface Strikes Again
"Apparently, is an extension of the Koobface worm, which has been running amuck for some time now."

More news here: GALEWHER.C0M ( Facebook Virus

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