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Who would do such a thing? The same sort of people who have perpetuated some of the top urban legends such as the claim that Mr. Rogers had a former secret career as a trained assassin, and that ATM users can quickly contact police in the event of an attempted robbery by entering their PIN in reverse. The cyberspace is full of lies disguised as inspiration, political alerts, health warnings, and prayers. Many come complete with enhanced photographs. The ones that are especially ironic are those that state, “Even Snopes has confirmed this,” along with a link to Snopes that attributes it as false. People who forward such emails, obviously do not check the link themselves. (source: To Forward or Not to Forward? By Patti Maguire Armstrong

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Forwarded Emails

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A bit of humour to end the day in this timezone... Yet another forward, but KM related

Thanks to Lucie and Allison for forwarding it; sent on the KM4dev Dgroups: .
Top 10 Reasons You Know you're working at an aid organization headquarters if...
1.You just had a pre-meeting to discuss your strategy planning session for the new initiative to reduce poverty by increasing access to safe water/credit/food/health care through fair and equitable distribution to those with the right to said good or service through engagement with duty bearers in the government and other stakeholders and civil society organizations.
2.You just repeatedly slammed your head into your keyboard after spending the last 20 minutes trying to get your Skype conference call between Port au Prince, West Bank/Gaza, Delhi, Nairobi and New York to work only to fail miserably...
6.You realize that you just used cheers, karibu, Insh'Allah or namaste in casual conversation despite the fact that you are neither English, Kenyan, Arab or Indian.
7.You realize that your favorite and most frequented cafe is located in Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
8.You just finished depressing a volunteer caller from the Red Cross for the 12th time this year who reluctantly agreed that you are not eligiable to donate blood because you just got back from .
9.You're pumped with antibiotics more frequently than a cow in a concentrated feeding operation.
10.You tell yourself it's not failure if you turn it into a lessons-learned document.
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